Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About me

       I could crochet and knit for as long as I can remember. I was taught by the best - my mom and my grandma. It wasn't their hobby, it was something they had to do in order to survive and make sure their family had clothes to wear. And this is why:
   I was born in Ukraine when it was still part of Soviet Union. I remember empty shelves in stores and long waiting lines. I remember having money and not being able to buy anything because stores were poorly supplied with consumer goods. Presence of food and clothes on shelves didn't mean you could buy them , everything was rationed and could not be bought at will. There were also illegal ways of clothes and food distribution, in most cases everything was sold to friends and family by the store employees totally bypassing the store shelves. (It doesn't seem real now since I live in the U.S.)
   What I'm trying to say is that when you struggle to buy what you need, you look for other ways to get it, for other ways to survive. At that time my family never went shopping for clothes, everything was hand-made, old clothes were recycled, redesigned and reused. This is the reason I learnt how to crochet and knit in my early childhood. My grandma was more into sewing, my mom - into knitting, and I enjoyed crocheting the most. I made my first cardigan for myself when I was 7 years old.