Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child - Pack Your Shoe Box!
(Send your love and gift-filled shoe boxes to poor children worldwide)

How to get started:
1. Get an empty shoe box (you can order one with Operation Christmas Child logo here or use your own);
2. Determine who the gift will be for - a girl or a boy, and the child's age category. Download appropriate label from their website, print it out and tape it to your gift box;

3. Fill with gifts (go to this page for ideas, donation and drop off information);

4. Track your box online.

   I just started filling up my box with gifts, I didn't decide who it's going to be for yet. I'm also going to crochet something for the kid to wear. I still have a few days to finish (National Collection Week - November 14-21)! I know that whoever gets it will be one very happy child!)



  1. Lovely post!! We do this at my church every year :)

  2. Great idea. We have angel trees locally, but they seem to almost demand specific items.

  3. This is a wonderful ministry. We collect things throughout the year and then try to stuff as many things as possible into each box. It's fun and a great way to give to kids who probably wouldn't get anything otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We do Op Christmas Child every year!! It is a great way to kick off the giving season. We have the assembly warehouse near our home and my book club usually volunteers a 1/2 day organizing the boxes in age groups for delivery. AWESOME Ministry!!!

  5. I LOVE this organization! My girls and I used to send 2 shoeboxes every year when they were younger and we had so much fun picking out gifts for children who were their same ages. I think we should do it again this year! *Ü*

  6. we do something like this in my town. this year has the most children needing gifts. it's sad, but good we can help out.

  7. Wish I had seen this sooner - would have been a great project for my son's class. But we will definitely do one as a family!

  8. This is a great operation, thanks for sharing with us :)